Pet Matters-Happy Trails and Tails

Happy Trails & Tails

It’s time to hit the trails with your pooch again. Hiking is great for young and old dogs and owners alike. Just be safe and be considerate of others enjoying the great outdoors.
Be sure that dogs are welcome on the trail and know if they must be leashed or can run free. For your dog to run free you should have 100% voice control. Be sure your dog wears an ID tag.
Try to anticipate situations by being aware of what’s ahead and behind you. Not all people and animals will love your dog. When passing other hikers, dogs or horses keep your dog close.
On long hikes take water for everyone. Drinking from streams puts your dog at risk for giardia, leptospirosis and toxins.
Some trails serve as habitats for wildlife. Please observe posted signs to avoid disturbing Mother Nature’s other residents.
Monitor your dog’s progress. Young or old pets may follow you to the end of the earth – even if they are exhausted or in pain. Turn back at any sign of discomfort.
Use tick preventives religiously. In CT we live with an abundance of ticks and the diseases they carry.
Most of all HAVE FUN !!


Dr. Earl Mummert

Companion Animal Hospital

801 Poquonnock Rd.

Groton, Ct. 06340


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