Pet Matters-Ear Infections

Ear Infections

Our pets’ ear canals are much deeper and curvier than ours and often have furry flaps covering the openings. This creates a perfect incubator for infection – warm, dark, moist and little air circulation. That’s why ear infections are common, difficult for you to see and hard to get under control.

The video otoscopes we use at CAH allow us to see deep in the ear canal and permits you to see the need for treatment at the same time. We examine the infected material in the ear microscopically so you can begin treatment with the correct medication right from the start.

Proper flushing of the ear canals to remove infection is just as important as medication. Visit  to see a short video demonstrating proper ear flushing. It is important!

Ear infections might develop over a long time, so don’t expect to get a cure in two weeks. Think in terms of flushing and medicating for several weeks in most cases. Severe or chronic infections may require lifelong attention to prevent repeated flare-ups.

A recheck appointment after 2 to 3 weeks of treatment is important to look deep in the canals again, be sure our treatment protocol is working and determine how best to proceed.

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