Pet Matters from our very own Dr. Earl:

Feeding Your Overweight Pet

Look at your pet from above when it is standing or walking. Can you see a distinct waistline behind the ribcage? Can you see or feel the last rib easily? If not, then your pet is overweight.

For weight loss you should feed a total of 10 calories for each pound of desired body weight each day. This includes food, treats and any other goodies. If your dog is 60lbs but should be 50lbs:  then 50lb x 10cal = 500cal per day. OTC dry foods have around 400 calories per cup. If he gets 80 calories worth of treats, that leaves 420cal for food. If he gets table leftovers that needs to be subtracted also. So your overweight 60lb dog only needs 400cal per day to achieve weight loss. That’s only 1/2 measured cup twice a day!  Be sure to use a measuring cup. You can also Google the actual calories per cup in your pet’s food.

Veggies like green beans, broccoli, celery, or lettuce can serve as treats to help add fiber and help your dog feel full. Truly obese pets need a prescription diet having only 225cal to see effective weight loss.

Call me for help in calculating how much your pet should eat.



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