Pet Matters-Piling on the pounds:

Piling On the Pounds:

How Not to Feed Your Pets. 

Do not feed the amount stated on the pet food container! Half that much may be appropriate.

Do not feed ‘free-choice’ throughout the day.

A few pets may be good at regulating their food intake but most will eat whatever is in front of them. Pet food bowls should be empty 90% of the day. Feed  2 or 3 defined meals per day. What isn’t eaten in 5-10 minutes should be picked up.

Do not believe that your breed of dog or cat should look like a rugby ball. All breeds should have a clear ‘waist’ behind their ribcage. The last rib or two should be easy to see or feel. If your pet doesn’t have a waistline it is overweight and is at increased risk for arthritis, diabetes, pancreatitis, joint and back injuries and many other serious conditions.

Do not love your pet with food and treats. Treats are high in sugar to make them taste sweet but the provide excessive calories too. Love your pet with praise, petting, exercise and environmental enrichment – not calories.

Do make your pets weight loss a serious resolution for 2015. I’ll tell you how to calculate how much to feed next time.

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